To The Wire: 3 Things Barack Obama Needs To Clear Up When It Comes To His Foreign Policy.

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Tonight, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney meet for the last debate before the official vote in November. This debate will center on foreign policy, something that you would feel that Barack would have the upper hand on, but don’t be so sure just yet.

While Barack can say that under his watch Osama Bin Laden was not just found, but killed. He can say that under his watch, Libya and Egypt found their way to democracy as the US backed the insurgents in both countries to overthrow their dictators. As great as those accomplishments are, he still has huge holes in his foreign policies.

1)      Benghazi: While many pundits believe that it’s unfair to hold Barack’s administration’s feet to the fire when it comes to knowing all the details to what happened in Benghazi and why the Ambassador was attacked. It’s his perceived lack of denouncing the assault as a terrorist attack that will haunt him in this debate. Romeny has already touched on the fact that President Obama didn’t denounce it immediately as a terrorist act and that makes him weak on terrorism. He needs to stand strong on his initial remarks that he did denounce it as a terrorist act and that his administration swiftly responded to the attackers is something that he needs to stress. There are many un-decided voters who want to know how Barack Obama would deal with another attack like this on foreign soil and will be reassured that he could handle a major attack by how he responds to this point tonight.

2)      Iran: Iran has always been a thorn in the side of America in one way or another. The sometimes friend, sometimes foe country has been on the foe side for the last 10 years. While many war hawks in the government are itching to launch some type of attack on Iran to stop them from getting their hands on weapons of mass destruction, Barack has been hesitant to paint Iran in a corner. This was good for Barack early in his administration. He was newly elected, and we as a country were already stuck in 2 wars in the Middle East and weren’t eager to get into another one. As things progressed and Iran looks to be on pace to get the nuclear weapons that they’ve been seeking for some time now, it can look like Barack is being soft on the country if he keeps taking the hands off stance.

Mitt has hinted that his administration would be more aggressive with Iran, possibly to the point of engaging them in war, which could be a point that Barack attacks. I think Barack needs to walk a thin line with this during the debate. Don’t switch sides too quick where you come off as someone ready to go into a new war, but don’t pretend like Iran isn’t a possible enemy of the US who could also threaten the safety of longtime friend, Israel.

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3)      Israel: Another problem for the Obama administration has been Israel. Israel has always been a friend of the US, but under Obama the friendship has become strained. He was not for Israel moving more settlements into Palestine, nor did he back Netanyahu when he came to the UN to present the threat that Iran faced for his country. It appears to many that Barack is not only cold to Israel, but might be opposed to them all together. This might not be true, but it will be something that Mitt Romney, a Pro-Israel person will pound on. There are many Christians in America who believe that we have a duty to support Israel. Barack has said publicly that he supports the country and their right to defend themselves. Tonight, he might want to clear that up for those who are still undecided on who to vote for and are concerned about Israel and any ramifications that an Iranian attack would cause to the middle east and the world overall.

Foreign policy has been a touchy subject for every sitting President and candidate for the position. Tonight we’ll see both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney pressing as to why they are the best choice for to unite the world. If Barack wants to come out on the winning end of this debate like he did the last, he’d be well advised to speak about his obvious victories overseas and clear up all misconceptions.

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