Toni Braxton Loses Songs in Bankruptcy for $40k, But No Bailout From Braxton Sisters (Docs Inside)

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Singer Toni Braxton is by far one of the best female vocalist of 21st century and her music has touched so many however it was not enough to stop the purchase of her songs by someone who wasn’t a member of the Braxton family.

According to court documents filed in federal court, the singer wanted to close her bankruptcy case and also have the option of keeping 27 of songs for $20,000 if no one offered the estate a higher amount. Well it looks like there were two other bidders who had their eyes set on owning her priceless collection of music. One bidder identified as Ross M. Klein offered twice the amount Toni Braxton wanted to pay so he was allowed to buy it. Here is the catch though, if for some reason he fails to pony up the cash, there is another buyer standing by to make the purchase.

Check out the exclusive legal documents here.

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These are two of the songs that were bought

One would have hoped that perhaps her sisters would have stepped in to buy the collection but who knows what is really going on with The Braxton Family Value stars? Where is the value in that?

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