Top 5 Hip Hop Tracks that Make Us LOL!

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Hip Hop and Comedy go together like Gucci Mane and jail. You just can’t keep the two apart. At the Hip Hop Enquirer office, we picked our Top 5 Hip Hop Tracks that Make Us LOL. Read more to see who made the list!

5. Wale ft. Lil Duval – Fairy Tales

For a quick second in the HHE offices, we thought the person singing the hook on this track was some run-of-the-mill R&B artist until we heard that horrible harmonized grunt that no one other than comedian Lil Duval could make. “You might live, you might die. But who gives a f*ck, you here tonight!”(Referring to a woman who has a$$ shots)


4. Nelly ft. Cedric the Entertainer – Country Grammar(Intro)

Back when Nelly was actually relevant.· We can’t help but chuckle listening to Cedric leave his super long, drawn out voicemail on Nelly’s answering machine talking about riding in his big body Benz with $2 worth of gas.


3. DeRay Davis on Kanye West’s College Dropout

DeRay Davis goes in on Kanye during his freshman album, College Dropout, but as the late Bernie Mac, and nails Bernie’s “uncle who’s mad at everything” demeanor.


2. T.I. ft. Mike Epps – The Break Up

Funny Man, Mike Epps had a skit on T.I.’s King album, and it’s one of the best Hip Hop comedy skits ever! Mike goes in on his girlfriend who he caught cheating in the streets, and hilarity ensues.


1.Chris Rock – No Sex in the Champagne Room

What can we say about this song that you don’t already know? Chris goes in on everything from no sex in the strip club to underage girls. A hilarious memory from the oh so hilarious 90’s.

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