Toronto Reporter Takes Cheap Jab at Former Boxing Champ Mike Tyson

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Reporter Nathan Downer learned the hard way that trying to set up an International guest on his TV show for shock value might prove to be career ending. Recently, Iron Mike Tyson was in Toronto, Canada to promote his Broadway play Undisputed Truth when he was invited to speak with reporter Nathan Downer about his upcoming performance. The pleasant tone of the interview shifted pretty quick when Downer decided to ask the boxing great a question that had little to no relevance to the subject being discussed.

The two were talking about the fact that Tyson had met Toronto Mayor Rob Ford while he was in town and even though it is a known fact that the mayor has been linked to cocaine usage, Tyson’s criminal past had no bearing on the following question:

“Some of your critics would say ‘this is a race for mayor, we know you’re a convicted rapist, this could hurt his campaign’, how would you respond to that?”

Of course Tyson wasn’t going to play that game with Downer and he made it clear how he felt about the newsman.

Tyson’s response was simple:

Fuck you, you’re a piece of shit!” We have to say that was a legitimate response from the boxer being that the reporter did take an uncalled for jab at him. Why would he ask such a question when he was fully aware that Tyson was there primarily to promote his upcoming performance in Toronto? Is this what Canadian journalists do when they ask guests to come on their shows? Do you feel Mike Tyson’s response was off based? That interview could have ended very bad for the reporter if the former champ would have used his face for a speed bag. Good job Mike!

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