Tragedy or Triumph? Jet Magazine Ending Its Run In Print Publications

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It saddens us here at Hip Hop Enquirer of the news that Jet Magazine is ending its print edition and going digital.  According to the magazine has been hit with a series of financial problems and is expected to announce on Wednesday that it is going the same direction as many other print publications and ending its long run of print editions. 

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As an up and coming writer, it is disheartening to see how the industry is evolving.  Nowadays, simplicity rules and more value is put in the availability of news and how fast you can reach your audience.  Articles that require research filled with substance are now substituted with articles filled with pictures and a few sentences.

The underlying problem is that true skill of writing is dying because of the Internet.  However, the Internet allows publishers to be more efficient and effective at less of an expense.  This coupled with the concern of decreasing ad revenues for print publications makes going online seem like a no brainer.

Jet Magazine will offer its content online through subscriptions and offer one print edition per year. 

I salute Jet for providing the black community with its own magazine for decades and for holding strong as long as they could.  

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