Trapped in the Closet – When Is the Industry Going to Come Out?

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On June 24, 2011, the New York State Senate passed a bill legalizing same sex marriage. This got me thinking. The United States appears to be evolving, albeit slowly, into a more progressive and tolerant society. So, when will the multitude of gay and bisexual hip hop artists, producers, and executives finally going to be truthful about who they are, and reveal their true sexual identities?

 For all of you industry insiders, don’t even try to act surprised by what I’m saying.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.

 For the rest of you, let me learn you. 

 There are certain very high profile artists, actors, producers, and executives in the entertainment industry–both male and female–who are “rumored” to have a proclivaty for members of the same sex. 

  Of course, some of these “rumors” are just that–rumors. But the undeniable truth is, that some of our favorite artists are gay (or at least engage in some form of gay activity). Sex symbols.  Entrepreneurs.  Philanthropists.  Some of them are married.  Hell, some of them are in married couples where both husband and wife occassionally “liaise” with members of the same sex.  It’s the industry’s worst kept secret.

And the best kept. 

But at the end of the day, what’s the big deal? I mean, we’re not talking about aspiring artists who are trying to build a name for themselves, and are fearing what such a disclosure would do to their future “brand.”  I’m talking about people that already have fanbases in the millions, and bank account balances that triple and quadruple that.  They would, no doubt, have to deal with backlash from a few ignorant fans and conservative sponsors. But these are not careers that can be suddenly brushed under a carpet. Some of these people are major fixtures in the entertainment industry, and are not going anywhere–regardless of who they sleep with.

 So if you’re a man who likes men, but are also a popular platinum-selling hip hop recording artist: Why not just be honest about it?  What do you really have to lose?  You can shatter dozens of stereotypes and misconceptions with a single moment of candor.  As well as be true to yourself. So, why has nobody done it? 

  Perhaps the problem–to an extent–is that these individuals do not consider themselves to be homosexual.  I mean–we’ve all seen the “homothug” moments on film or t.v. by now–where a man describes how he enjoys having sex with another man, but because he is “giving”, or on the receiving end of oral, he does not think he is gay.

Pause for emphasis. 

 And the truth is, that although there are most definitely those individuals that deal exclusively with members of the “same team,” the vast majority of the people to whom I’m referring dabble in both. And if you’re a man who only messes around with other men at exclusive Hollywood Hills parties, where all attendees are required to sign confidentiality agreements and cell phones are not allowed–you’re not gay. You’re just “partying.” 

 It is, afterall, the entertainment industry. 

  Maybe there is no such thing as sexual orientation when you reach a certain level of celebrity status.  Only dollars…………..and gents.

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