UPDATE!!! Trayvon Martin: Where Is The Forensics?!!

| March 30, 2012 | 1 Comment

Male Forensic Scientist Holding an Evidence Bag With a Gun Inside

Author: Sylvia Burley

UPDATE: New forensic evidence is finally coming forward.  According to The Raw Story, two forensic voice experts told the Orlando Sentinel that self-appointed neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman was NOT the voice crying for help in the 911 calls after he shot Trayvon Martin.

I have never been a BIG fan of shows like CSI and Law and Order, although once I start watching I can’t seem to stop.  The story lines are intriguing (sometimes pulled straight from today’s headlines), the characters real and the knowledge shared about the law and forensics invaluable.

Many people ARE big fans based on how long these shows have lasted and the number of spin-offs created.  So why George Zimmerman, or anyone in his camp, believes that the average thinking, caring person is going to blindly accept his version of what happened the night Trayvon Martin was murdered is beyond me.

Despite a perceived lack of evidence of bruising or blood on his clothing, George Zimmerman still maintains he was attacked from behind by Trayvon Martin causing him to shoot the unarmed teen in the chest.  Yes, the video is grainy but a young man is dead, so where are the pictures of Zimmerman’s bruises justifying the need for him to defend himself?  Where is the x-ray diagnosing the broken nose Zimmerman claims he received from Martin’s blows?

I’ve watched enough Dexter to understand a little about blood splatter.  If Zimmerman and Martin were fighting with Martin on top of Zimmerman, who then shoots Martin, wouldn’t that be point-blank range and the blood splatter show one pattern versus a shooting from either far away or a different angle?  Also, wouldn’t Zimmerman and his clothes have been covered with Martin’s blood?  Have those clothes been turned over to the state attorney?

In this day and age when forensics is king, it makes no sense that either there was no effort made to keep whatever forensics there is, or the forensics was overlooked.  Or is it just being hidden?

Funeral Director, Richard Kurtz, said the only wound on Trayvon Martin’s body was the gun shot,  and there was no bruising or cuts on his hands.  FINALLY!  Some forensic evidence we can use.

Zimmerman has had a couple of “spokespersons” come out on his behalf including his father Robert Zimmerman who stated his son told him, “Trayvon Martin said something to the effect of, you’re going to die now, or you’re going to die tonight.”  Where is George Zimmerman’s court-ordered lie detector test? This should be mandatory in all “Stand Your Ground” defenses!

Trayvon Martin’s family deserves to know what happened that night.  I want to know what happened that night and greatly expect the evidence coming forward, in particular any forensic evidence which can tell the REAL story of a young man’s last moments in this world.

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  1. Joe Browne says:

    Simce the cry for help preceded the shot…..if Trayvon was hitting GZ head on the side walk the cry for help would be distored as is head was being shaken. The audio cry for help was rather steady.

    And yes where is the blood on GZ shirt if Trayvon was hot above GZ?

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