Trouble In Paradise? Jay Z And Beyonce Spotted Arguing In Posh Restaurant

| February 4, 2015 | 0 Comments

beyoncejayzargue2|Usually private superstars, Beyonce and Jay-Z, were spotted arguing over dinner in Los Angeles.

Right now it isn’t clear about what they were arguing about but Bey is clearly giving Jay-Z a piece of her mind. But from the looks of the picture Jay Z doesn’t seem too concerned or even acknowledges what she has to say.

It seems like it was a relatively quiet argument since it didn’t seem to disturb any other patrons in the restaurant. Was it just a minor issue that is bound to occur during a relationship or something more? Some are saying these spats between the two are growing bigger every day to a point where Beyonce may not be willing to run his bath water anymore.

Check out more pics from the argument below:

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