Truth or A Hoax: Eddie Long Fifth Accuser Revealed

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Centino Kemp/ Eddie long Tattoo

Just when the waves were settling down around the Eddie Long scandal, another alleged accuser has surfaced. The Bishop had reached an out of court settlement with the four men who claimed to have had sexual relationships with him during their teen years. According to a “Fox News Exclusive Investigation” a fifth man has surfaced. His identity has been kept under wraps but the alleged fifth accuser is 22 year old Centino Kemp. Kemp is an aspiring recording artist and working on an album. Hmm… sounds like a publicity stunt to us but let’s continue.

A photo of Eddie Long’s name tattooed on Kemp’s arm doesn’t really say much other than there is a tattoo of Eddie Long’s name on his arm. While everything that has been reported about the four other individuals associated with the Long sex scandal is very convincing, this particular story has all the makings of a fictional book or a poorly executed reality show.

According to Fox News and their “investigative reporter”, Kemp allegedly became involved in the settlement after finding out that the other men were paid a total of $25,000,000. Kemp has been spotted being shuttled back and forth to a small recording studio in a limousine?! We at HHE don’t profess to know everything, but if one of our investigative reporters were to bring a story like this to us…they would be on the curb looking for a new job.

As that the given information about Mr. Kemp is no more than speculation or a complete hoax, someone might just be attempting to launch their musical career and Eddie Long is the perfect target for such a hoax.

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