TV Roundup: T.I. Sits Down with The Ladies of The View

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T.I. put on his favorite pair of Clark Kent frames, toned down the Westside Atlanta accent a little bit and sat down with the ladies of  The View to promote his new novel, Power & Beauty. Of course, Whoopi, Barbara, Elizabeth and Sherry couldn’t shy away from the fact that T.I. was recently released from a stint in federal prison. Major sideeye and laughs as Barbara Walters asked T.I. how did he “break his habit” when referring to his recreational drug usage, as if the man was selling his Grammys for hits of the crack pipe. Chill, Barbara! “I accept responsibility for everything that I’ve done. People say well how can he just make a mistake again and again. I think it should be taken into consideration how long prior to me being T.I., how long I had been living the life I was living.” said the Atlanta rapper. At least this time, T.I. isn’t taking the whole “Road to Redemption” route, he’s being real about his mistakes, and focusing on the future instead of trying to portray a bad boy, gone good. Tip also chatted with the hosts about family life with Tiny and the kids, retirement rumors and oh yeah, the actual reason for his visit: the new novel.

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