Two Florida Cops Outed for Being Alleged Members of the Klu Klux Klan

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When we first learned about two Florida police officers being identified as active members of the klu klux klan, a well-known hate group that has a history of violence against not only people of color but other races that don’t fit in with their ideology of hate, it made us wonder how where they able to get their jobs in the first place. Deputy police chief David Borst resigned this past Thursday and a day later Cpl. George Hunnewell was fired. According to the police of Fruitland Park, the cops were outed by a confidential FBI source who brought their involvement with the hate group to the attention of┬áthe police department.

The fact that being a member of a hate group is not a crime, the two were not arrested. One would have to ask the question, did their bosses investigate whether or not the two violated anyone’s civil rights while they were actually working for the police department. The fact that one of them rose to the level of being second in command of that police department makes you wonder what type of leadership and violations did he allow to occur towards groups that where hated by the klu klux klan?


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