UK Artist Wiley puts Numbers in Action

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Godfather of Grime: Wiley

Of course Hip Hop Enquirer is always bringing you the best in Hip Hop and Rap, and that includes internationally. So we’d like to introduce you to UK Producer/Rapper: Wiley. Wiley has been noted as one of the pioneers of the UK’s Grime scene and a leader in the UK’s hip hop community.

Not sure what grime is? Well, it’s hip hop meets dancehall meets punk meets drum n’ bass. All of which are genres that make for great dance music, and that’s exactly what Wiley does with his single Numbers in Action. If Numbers in Action doesn’t at least get a light foot tap out of you, you’re probably not fully human.

In light of the recent London riots, in which many people tried to blame the UK’s grime and hip hop influences for the unrest of London’s youth, Wiley has made it clear that although some of his lyrics talk about subject matter such as UK’s minorities being disadvantaged and forgotten, he doesn’t condone senseless violence. In an article with UK’s The Guardian Wiley says, “I hope it doesn’t give them a feeling of power, because causing mayhem like that does not mean you’re powerful.”

With Numbers in Action, we see the lighter side of Wiley, with the song’s infectious dance beat and sarcastic video. Look out for Wiley’s upcoming EP, Evolve or be Extinct for more from the UK musician.

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