Shocking! Uncle Luke’s Girl on Girl Action Gone Wrong in Cincinnati

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Lux Life & GK brought the infamous Uncle Luke father of the FreakNik 90’s to Cincinnati, Ohio on July 2 for a 4th of July bash and boy did he leave an impression on the city that will last in the minds of everyone forever. Especially for 4 women whose popularity either slumbered or worse grew because of the events that took place that night.

Back in the 90’s I was too young to be able to experience Uncle Luke’s famous FreakNik Spring Break events but from the stories of other who had the pleasure of participating I can only imagine how freaky it got.

As always at any Uncle Luke event you can guarantee the ladies are going to get wild and freaky, but this particular event probably left the spectators sick to their stomach.

After Uncle’ Luke ‘s $500 “twerk” contest he wanted to give 2 women $500 to perform oral sex on each other in front of the entire crowd no one was interested until the price went up to $1500. Two black women volunteered to partake in the wager and began performing the act. Unsatisfied with the performance of the first 2 women, Uncle Luke called on 2 more women to come show the first set of girls how to “eat some p*ssy”, his exact words. This time 2 white women came out of the crowd and began to perform oral sex on both of the black women setting the crowd and social media a blaze.




What better way of celebrating the Independence day of Europeans in America, a land that they stole from Native Americans and enslaved millions of African Americans. Then having 2 white girls eat the kitty of 2 black women, only to split $1500 4 ways leaving each girl $375. Where is the dignity lady? Not only did they perform this bizarre sexual activity in front of hundreds of people with cell phones. They had to undergo the powerful judgment of the Internet and believe me it was not pretty. Thousands of people have circulated snippets of videos and pictures of all the action that took place via social media. People have even gone through the lives of each woman revealing their names, criminal history, and even pictures of one of the white girls rash around her mouth the day after, destroying what little ounce of self-esteem these women had if they had any to begin with.

Uncle Luke in 2017 is a whole new level of freaky and I’m not too sure how this kind of partying will last in this era of cell phones and social media, where what you do has a good chance of going viral and destroying your reputation in an instant. Protesters are pushing for Uncle Luke to be banned from the city of Cincinnati, Ohio no word yet on if a ban will take place. And as for the women involved I hope that $375 was worth the backlash.

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