Up Close and Personal with Keri Hilson (exclusive video and photos)

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Keri Hilson is arguably one of the best female vocalist of the 21st century and her stage presence has taken the breath away of many men across the globe so it is with great honor to be able to bring to her many fans a different side of her via an exclusive interview done by our favorite celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie.

Finally she admits that she is coming out of her shell and enjoying being a little risqué which of course we at Hip Hop Enquirer are not mad at her at all. Miss Keri Baby…keep up the good work.


On playing it safe
Whatever, I’m feeling in that moment….I record. I can’t think about what people will think of it or how they will perceive me for saying this ….who will be mad at me for saying this. I can’t work like that. I think the best work comes from a fearless point of view, a fearless perspective. That’s what I’ve learned. I do think I was safe [before]. I have no interest in being “safe” anymore and posed & proper because that’s not my reality.


On VH1 Divas
It was an honor. I’m in great company but at the same time, I felt like I’m not there yet it was a little early for me to be one of the divas. It was a great co-sign, a great stamp to wear and I had to get kind of use to feeling that way. I treat myself like I ain’t done nothing…my mentality is like I’m not done yet, I don’t even want to be called a diva yet. Although it was an honor…for me it was all about the troops. My father served in the army in Vietnam so it was my way of giving back.


Shouts out to Necole Bitchie for the great interview…I think she’s trying to take over Larry King or Oprah’s spot?!

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