Update!! Is The Angela Stanton Book “Lies of A Real Atlanta Housewife” Just Smoke and Mirrors?

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Angela Stanton

In a penned memoir by Angela Stanton, who was previously convicted of fraud, racketeering and other charges, who was also the co-defendant of Apollo Nida, husband of Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks, a prominent entertainment attorney in Atlanta, Stanton alleges that Phaedra Parks was directly involved in criminal activity that sent everyone but Parks to prison.

Stanton has made many allegations in her book that have yet to be proven, however, she has adamantly stated that her account of what happened is the truth.  It is hard for many to believe that one of the most successful women in entertainment law would even be in the company of someone with such a criminal past, but then again opposites do attract and that is evident with Parks’ marriage to Apollo Nida.  Does that mean Parks is guilty of any crimes?  Of course not, and while the book is already becoming one of the hot discussions around Atlanta, there are always three sides to a story…..hers, Phaedra’s and the truth!

According to Stanton, she along with several others, were involved in an elaborate organized crime spree that consisted of stealing expensive cars, insurance fraud, and passing bogus corporate checks to buy expensive electronic equipment.  While Stanton has admitted to being a part of this band of criminals, she also reveals that entertainment attorney Phaedra Parks was the mastermind behind the entire operation.

Parks was quick to release a statement via her twitter account responding that Stanton’s statement were all lies and she even went so far as to retain the legal representation of noted attorneys Lin Wood & BJ Bernstein.

In one passage, Stanton writes:

“I always assumed she had money and couldn’t quite understand why she needed such a large quantity of hot items.  She never paid me for these types of jobs, but that was fine with me.  My payment came in the form of additional checks she provided for my own use.”

Stanton also describes what she calls Phaedra Park’s freaky side:

“There was a pair of handcuffs attached to the headboard.  Whips, and freaky-ass underwear were hanging everywhere.  This was a den for S & M.  Her tools were openly displayed as if she wanted people to know she was a freaky woman.”

People who have reviewed the book write:

“You can feel all types of emotion through Angela’s words.  You can’t make this up.  The honesty shows through every word in this book. I have been touched deeply by this book.  I pray for Angela’s success.  I pray that this book will be more successful than she can ever imagine.”

“When she speaks about the alleged rape by one of Atlanta’s music executives I wanted to throw up.  No one should have to endure so much pain.”

“I read this book in one sitting because I simply couldn’t put it down.  As an RHOA fan, the relationship mentioned in this book was always questionable and seemed to have missing details.  The author fills in the details and although a suit by Ms. P is inevitable, I believe Ms. Stanton…you simply can’t make this stuff up!  This book was a story of redemption as Ms. Stanton was very open of her shortcomings, while giving a compelling account of a betrayed friendship.  Ms. Stanton, good luck with your new career and God Bless!”

Stanton has provided various court documents in her e-book to support some of her claims and had agreed to sit down with Hip Hop Enquirer’s Dennis Byron to elaborate on those claims.  However, after previewing the list of questions provided by HHE, Stanton backed out of the interview, supposedly at her attorney’s request.

We had planned to use more targeted questioning designed to get Stanton to further substantiate her claims regarding Parks’ involvement in criminal activity including sharing any physical evidence with us her attorney would allow.  We’d also planned to ask her to clarify her motives for writing the book since she has expressed an interest in acting.

Most disturbingly, Stanton alleged she was the victim of rape at the hands of a music executive stating that she’d accepted money from him in exchange for not pursuing arrest.  We’d hoped to also have her expound on this claim.  In the interim, we reached out to the music executive in question for a statement and he flatly denied any truth to her claim.  He also went so far as to state that Stanton did try to extort money from him, and while he did give her an initial payment, his attorney advised him not to make anymore payments to her.  The music executive was never prosecuted or convicted of such a charge and our sources have stated that an alleged victim in a rape case does not have the liberty of just deciding not to press charges, the case becomes a matter for the state to prove.  In the book, Stanton claims she did not proceed with the case because she feared for her life, but then why mention the incident at all if she was in fact fearful?  Could it be because the music executive decided not to participate in any form of extortion?

While Stanton appeared to be believable in her Vibe.com interview, she also stated in her book that hustling and acting is second nature for her.  We just wish she’d had the courage to sit down with HHE to further support her book and the allegations made within.

Editor’s note: We invited Ms. Stanton to keep her commitment and do the interview with us, however, if she believes that we are not going to ask her the tough questions that our readers would like to know then she should not accept our invite.  After all, she has said that she wants the truth to be told right?  She already has the questions  and we will most likely publish them if she continues to decline the interview.

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