Update: Usher Responds to Accuser, “Where’s Your Proof I Gave You Herpes?” He Wants Her Identity Revealed!

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Singing superstar Usher Raymond, IV has responded to the woman who goes by the name “Jane Doe” who decided to pin a Herpes lawsuit claim on him. In a court filing today, the singer responded via his high-powered attorney Steve Sadow that there is no way possible that his accuser that is suing for 20 million dollars can prove that he even gave her the incurable disease. In fact, the motion goes on to state that she could have contracted the disease from anyone since she has already admitted that she has unprotected vaginal and oral sex.

In addition, his attorney has requested the court to dismiss the entire lawsuit on its merits and believes there is no valid reason his accuser has filed under an alias name and he wants her identity revealed. After all, she has accused him of giving her Herpes but no one knows her sexually active she was with others and revealing her identity would not only put her former sex partners on notice but may in fact identity the individual(s) who may have given her the disease.

It is also interesting that the singer believes she could have had Herpes already or that she contracted it after their alleged encounter. Clearly his accuser’s medical history will be a factor in the proceeding months and if there was any medication prescribed to her by any pharmaceutical in the United States, they would have had to register it with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as well as her previous sexual partners will likely be brought in for questioning.

Jane Doe is being represented by attorney Lisa West who has a history of losing several high-profile cases which included a 2012 custody case involving Usher Raymond, IV. where she represented celebrity stylist Tameka Raymond.

Our sources stated that she lost that case so badly she even failed to file a motion for her attorney fees on time which resulted in the court denying her $200,000 in fees she believed she was owed by the singer. In another high-profile case, attorney Lisa West was outmatched by rap star Ludacris legal team when she represented Tamika Fuller who was trying to get custody of their daughter. In that case, the judge awarded Ludacris full custody of their daughter and the only thing her client Tamika Fuller received was a large bill for legal fees from attorney West.

Attorney John Mayoue / Credit: Dennis Byron

Retired Fulton County judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane accused attorney Lisa West of being vengeful after the attorney filed a motion seeking access to the judge’s personal computer under the guise that there may be information that showed the judge had improper relationship with Usher’s former deceased attorney John Mayoue because he had contributed to her re-election campaign. At the time Judge Lane believed the only reason why West filed the motion was to get her to recuse herself in any cases involving the judge. Judge Lane accused West of inventing a hurtful story.

There is one person in particular who believe the only reason attorney West has filed a 20 million dollar lawsuit against Usher is because she has a personal vendetta against the singer. Why would an attorney file a bogus complaint against a judge that is presiding over her cases?

Developing story…stay tuned in for critical updates in the case of “Jane Doe” vs. Usher Raymond, IV.

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