Updated: Chilli Really Does Know What She Wants in A Man!!

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Our girl Chilli is back on the prowl once again as she is still in search of Mr. Perfect Right. With all the hook-ups that friend and co-star Tionna Smalls has helped facilitated for Chilli one would think the former TLC group member could find herself a decent man. What man doesn’t want a smart, beautiful, and independent woman in the 21st century? Anyways, “What Chilli Wants” aired Sunday, January 2 on VH1. Check out a sneak peak of the show and her interview with Hip Hop Enquirer’s Dennis Byron

Tionna Smalls, co-star of “What Chilli Wants”

Brief interview with Chilli from the hit show “What Chilli Wants”

I guess one of the biggest successes of Season two of the show is that Tionna Smalls has gotten engaged. Something tells us that not only was she trying to hook Chilli up but she may have also dug a little deeper in her math making cookie jar for herself as well.

After an unsuccessful attempt to find her dream man, TLC singer Chilli is back for a second season of her hit VH1 reality show, ‘What Chilli Wants.’ But this time around, she’s ditching the blind dates, noting she keeps her 13-year-old son Tron in her mind as she searches for Mr. Right.

“I can’t imagine bringing someone around my son who is not an extraordinary man. He already has an active father [ex-husband Dallas Austin], so whoever is going to be my husband has to be a good figure for my son and add to our family,” she tells PopEater.

But with her biological clock ticking, Chilli admits she’s hoping to find a man soon because she wants more children. “I’m straight up and told all the guys this season I wanted kids. It probably made some of them nervous, but it shouldn’t. I just need to know if we’re on the same page or not because I want more kids,” she adds.

Chilli sat down to discuss her ultimate deal breakers and how she plans to celebrate the “emotional” 20th anniversary of TLC.

Well, you’re back for a second season. What happened to Bill?
Bill is a really nice guy, but we didn’t have a connection. He’s a great guy, but not my guy. People had me married off last season, but I hadn’t even said, “I love this man.” We dated, but it didn’t work out.

Do you have a new approach now?
This time around, I pick all the guys. I can’t do any more blind dates. It was difficult. 

In the first season, you had a long list of what you wanted in a guy. Is it still the same?

Yes. My list is never changing. Why would it need to change? 

What’s the one quality that is most important to you?

He needs to love and have a relationship with God. I want to be with someone who is a lot like me, especially when it comes to morals, family and raising kids.

You’ve dated a few celebrities in the past — like Usher. Did you set out to find someone involved in show business or specifically not involved?
I didn’t really think about that going into the show … Most of the guys in the industry that wanted to come on the show were actually nervous because they were scared of getting played on TV. But I would never play them on national TV.

Source: Enchanted Pr / Pop Eater
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