Valdosta Student Activist Eric Sheppard Arrested in Tampa, Florida! Lawyer Releases Statement on his Behalf

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Eric “EJ” Sheppard, the young activist who made national headlines when he lead an on campus protest at Valdosta State University to combat systematic racism in America was arrested in Tampa, Florida.

EJ’s lawyer, attorney Mawuli Davis of the Davis Bozeman law firm, traveled to Tampa to meet with Sheppard at the Hillsborough County Jail. The Lowndes County Sheriff’s office issued a warrant for Sheppard’s arrest after deputies found a gun in a book bag that supposedly belonged to Sheppard on the campus of VSU. Earlier in May, Davis and several leaders from various community organizations came together and expressed their support for the safe surrender of Sheppard.

“Eric’s decision not to fight extradition coupled with his peaceful surrender when arrested, confirms Eric is not a threat to the community. Unfortunately, what appears to be lost in the coverage of Eric’s activism as a student is that he is merely a college kid trying to figure out life under some extraordinary stressful circumstances.  Physically he is fine, but mentally he is exhausted from living under the constant fear for his life as a result of the death threats and the bounty placed on his life by self-proclaimed “white supremacist” individuals and organizations.  He does not wish anyone any harm and was reacting to the very aggressive and hostile threats of violence against him and the people close to him.” Attorney Mawuli Davis of the Davis Bozeman law firm.

The family of Eric Sheppard attained the services of Davis after the Sheppard was labeled as an “armed and dangerous” thug even though he has no criminal history and is an honor roll scholar pursuing a double major. Davis has insisted that Sheppard didn’t become a target of law enforcement or vigilantes until after his public protest.

“Eric has never been arrested or in any trouble. Even law enforcement authorities in Valdosta have dismissed statements they have made recently regarding Eric as a “publicity stunt”.  Eric and his family would like to thank everyone who has prayed for his safe return to Georgia.  He looks forward to learning from this experience and having an opportunity to properly process and address everything that has happened after he exercised his 1st Amendment right by engaging in public protest and freedom of speech.” Attorney Mawuli Davis.

Sheppard will be transported to Lowndes county for a court hearing. The Davis Bozeman law firm representing Sheppard has successfully handled many high-profile cases involving the death and unfair prosecution of African-Americans across the state of Georgia.

“He remains committed to being a positive agent of change and helping improve the conditions under which many people in our society continue to struggle in,” stated Attorney Mawuli Davis, attorney for Eric Sheppard.

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