Victim In Facebook Murder Plot Shot Dead

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London Eley posted a status on her Facebook page stating that she wanted someone to kill her baby’s father. “I will pay someone a stack to kill my baby father.” was the actual status posted on May 23rd. She recieved a response from Timothy Bynum saying he would do the job for her. He commented “Say no more, what he look like where he be at, I need that stack first ima mop that bull.” Shortly after these posts, Eley and Bynum were arrested for murder soliciation and weapons charges.


The baby father in reference was Corey White, who after seeing the threats, went with his aunt to police. NBC Phildelphia later interviewed White and he stated that he was scared for his life: “I didn’t think she would do something like that, I didn’t know she was that kind of person.” he said. “I just took it upon myself to make sure I wouldn’t have anything done to me, he (Bynum) had pictures of guns on his facebook so of course you wouldn’t take anything like that lightly.”

Eley and Bynum were in court yesterday for these charges and shortly after Corey White was found dead from a gun shot to the chest. Eley’s lawyer says Eley was just venting and exchanged messages with Bynum for about an hour but never met him. Bynum and Eley have been incarcerated since their arrets in June. The identity of Corey White’s killer has not been discovered and police have not determined if the actual murder has any connection with Eley’s death wish.


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