(VIDEO) Casey Anthony Speaks Out On First “Video Diary”

| January 5, 2012 | 2 Comments

Casey Anthony who was found not guilty of murdering her three year old, Caylee Anthony has released the first of what she says is “many” video diaries to come. Anthony who’s living in a undisclosed location as she serves out her probation sentence for lying to police, released a black and white video on a computer which she purchased herself claiming that it’s the first thing she can call her own in a long time. The video was created back in October, but just hit the internet this morning and even aired on Good Morning America and The Today Show. Casey doesn’t specifically mention the 2008 death of her daughter, Caylee, but talks about how her life has changed after the trial. Video below.

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  1. Jon says:

    Casey Anthony is your typical white liberal. Never takes responsibility for what they’ve created, always wants the easy way out and says things “feel surreal”…only because they lie so much. She should be sterilized over what happened to Caylee. If she were a minority or anyone that doesn’t have deep pockets for court defense she wouldn’t have been found not guilty.

  2. What do her actions have to do with her being a “liberal”?

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