Video Vixen Rosa Acosta Goes Ham on Rapper Maino – It’s Actually Pretty Hilarious

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Apparently Rapper Maino had made some unkind remarks to model Rosa Acosta recently during one of his interviews where he stated that she wore “cheap” shoes.

In a recent interview with radio personality Josi Marie, Acosta spoke about cutting her hair to having an eating disorder. She spent a total of three minutes addressing the Maino insult towards her and even though she took the classy approach you can’t help laugh at her accent as she clowns the rapper. 

“First of all, he says that I’m cheap, I wear cheap shoes,” Rosa told radio host Josi Marie. “There’s a difference between being simple and cheap. I will not wear something that is fake, so I will wear whatever I can afford. If I can afford Forever 21 shoes, that’s what I am going to buy. And anyway, I was unaware that they could give lessons about women’s shoes in prison. And the next thing is, why are you so sensitive? Just because I saw your number as ‘Don’t Answer’ and I never called you don’t mean I don’t pray for you. God bless you Maino. It’s funny because I have seen him three times — twice I saw him and he apologized to me. And then if you got to talk about me in an interview to be on blogs instead of your projects and actual music, then you suck.”

Check out the interview she did with Josi Marie:

Here is the interview with Angie Yee (Maino & Rosa)


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