VladTV Interview: Brother Polight Shares Views on America’s “hood” Culture Since Moving to Beverly Hills

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Brother Polight receives a Proclamation from the Cleveland City Council at the Mayor’s office for Activism and Leadership in the Community

Brother Polight recently sat down with VladTV and discussed his beliefs on “the white man” stigma, the authenticity of a “real” hood, and his opinion on the black man in America.

A vastly known celebrity mentor, activist, and public speaker, Polight has been recognized as a voice for the people as well as “The Evolution Of The Revolution”, which he often calls himself on social media. His strong beliefs and powerful voice that delivers his stirring messages provides a true testament for his undeniable respect worldwide.

In his interview with VladTV, he touches on some somewhat controversial topics within the black community and how he feels that most of them are just plain myths. Polight firstly jumps in and explains that he doesn’t understand the Americanized African-American culture of the romanticized view of a stereotypical urban “hood”. Being a former citizen of Brownsville, New York, he address how his peers along with himself would constantly remind themselves of the endless possibilities if and when they got to the other side.

Now, he is currently being criticized by those same people still living in those urban areas for apparently leaving his community behind once he made it big. Since leaving a poorer community, he now travels the world and shares his story with the masses while educating blacks about doing better within their own neighborhood.

Here he is pictured at California State University lecturing to millennials with the topic “The Fear of Success”: Changing the Socio-Economical Paradigm of the American African Family”:

The public figure says that he “understands the sentiment” and where his people are coming from but wishes that they could try to sympathize with his standpoint.

He goes on to assert his credibility by stating the amount of international traveling that he has done over the years which include Egypt, the United Kingdom, Ethiopia, South Africa, the Bahamas, France, and even Israel. By being able to experience all of these different cultures, politics, and many diverse patrons, he quickly developed a more open view of the world around him.

When visiting Egypt, he posted this video on his Instagram sharing his views on the ancient history of Moses and Jesus:

Jesus and Moses were both saved by a Mary. They went through 40 days and 40 nights in either fasting or walking through the wilderness and they both were hidden or found in a hole or cave a few feet away from each other even though they existed 1,000 years apart from each other. This occurrence is not divine more rather we can accredit these similarities to a popular writing style called Typology when numbers names and events run concurrent between old and new Testament narratives. Yet again there is over 1,000 years between two biblical characters. What are the odds that their stories existed a few feet from each other. See previous post. I did not post this to offend but to encourage critical thinking amongst those asleep. Please SHARE, LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE to wake up the sleeping masses. #BrotherPOLIGHT #iWentThereInPersonYouReadABOUTit #iAmTheEvolutionOfTheRevolution #WhenTheTruthMakesYouMADitsBecauseYouveBeenLiedTo

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Brother Polight describes how he believes that most of the poverty stricken communities are stuck in a certain negative mindset and one track mind about the relationship between blacks and whites worldwide.

Watch his interview below for more about “the white man is the devil” narrative:

Source: VladTV

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