VMA Welcomes Back Kanye West for A Highly Anticipated Performance

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Kanye West

Last Sunday, MTV held its 2010 VMA Awards in Los Angeles, CA at the Nokia Theater which highlighted some of this years most memorable music video moments!

It has been exactly one year since Kanye West’s incident with Country singer-songwriter Taylor Swift. And when the announcer announced Taylor Swift as winner, Kanye West took the microphone, as well as spotlight, and simply stated if anyone deserved this award it should be Beyonce. West practically turned what was supposed to be a memorable night into a night of disaster!

On Sunday night, Kanye West was given a second chance; he performed debut song “Runaway.” While most of us would have suspected the crowd to go wild for Chi town Rapper Kanye West, instead the crowd was filled with award-goers chanting boo and filled with disgust. Obviously, not from his music, but many fans still held grudges against him after last years “Taylor incident.”

And to clear the airs, when the crowd actually paid attention to his heart felt lyrics they were able to appreciate the music and accept his genuine public apology.

Originally Kanye West wrote the song for Taylor to perform; he said if she didn’t take it he would perform it for her!

MTV apparently wanted Kanye West and Taylor Swift to perform together and bring up T.V ratings after such an eventful award show last year. Although, Taylor says she forgave Kanye West and even wrote a song saying “we can be friends” she still might hold something against him.

Only time will heal the broken hearted fans of Kanye West and after a solid year fans seem to be making efforts at accepting Kanye’s apology.


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