Waka Flocka Talks With The Breakfast Club- “Gucci lost his noodles, man”

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Words by Alyson Robinson

First it was the Twitter fiasco, then he was arrested, Atlanta rapper, Gucci Mane is either really acting out for publicity or he really needs help.

Waka Flocka, amongst other artists have decided to speak about Gucci’s odd behavior. Before the whole Nicki Minaj saga, Gucci actually started a conflict with Waka. Waka is now almost certain that Gucci needs medical help.

Waka spoke recently on the morning radio show, “The Breakfast Club,” about his relationship with Gucci and says that Gucci’s recent behavior isn’t typical. This comment isn’t completely out of concern as Waka clearly states that he has no intention of reigniting the friendship between the two.gucciwakaflockaWaka discussed on the show Gucci’s plan to sell Waka’s contract over Twitter, but Waka says that won’t happen because that’s the only money Gucci is actually surviving on.

“He survivin’ off that money, I don’t blame him,” Waka said. “He ain’t tryna get rid of that little contract. I want him to eat though, I don’t wanna be out here lookin’ like a bum.”

He continued to say, “Gucci lost his noodles, man. People think he’s gangster but he really needs medical attention. That guy lost his noodles. I ain’t concerned, I don’t care nothin’ about him. We ain’t never gunna be friends, ever.”

Waka also addressed the tweets Gucci sent out about having sexual relations with Nicki Minaj and he confirmed that none of that is true.  “The world would have known,” Waka said of a possible Nicki and Gucci hook-up. “She’s too poppin. No disrespect to her, she’s like a sister too me, but she’s too poppin, I been tryna grab cool points,” Waka admitted.

He also revealed more about Gucci real character. “He use you for steppin’ stones, he got a history for that though. When I met him I had people tell me that, like yo, he gon’ cross you, he crossed his best friends, he crossed his mother, he crossed his brother…’Nah, not us.’ When that happened, it’s like you already knew it,” Waka revealed.

Waka also said that those who were signed to Gucci’s label is now signed to him, except Juice, who apparently isn’t cool enough to sit with them. “Everybody that was quote-unquote Bricksquad in the beginning, they all signed to me. Except Juice, and we don’t need Juice, he just extra lame too.”

Though he said a lot, Waka said he wouldn’t say  too much to tarnish Gucci anymore than already done.  “I could go so hard on him, man. I know so many secret stories ’bout this guy,” Waka told The Breakfast Club.

Waka also weakened any thought that Gucci is as thuggish as he portrays himself to be. “He ain’t no blood, I dunno why he portrayin’ that, he ain’t none of that. He 35-years old,” Waka said, going on to talk about Gucci’s murder charge. “He a accidental murderer man. He killed somebody he was like twenty feet down runnin’ with his back to him. He got lucky, he ain’t no killa.”

Maybe Charlamagne won’t be afraid of Gucci anymore after hearing this. Last week it was reported on AllHipHop.com that Charlamagne admitted that he was afraid of Gucci. “Gucci is scary because he’s killed someone before I don’t know about you but murderers scare me,” he said.

See the full Waka Flocka interview in this post.

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