War of Lyrical Words Between Lil Wayne and Pusha-T (Video Inside)

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On Thursday, Lil Wayne put out a “diss” record aimed at Pusha-T titled “Ghoulish.” Wayne’s track was a direct response to Pusha-T’s track “Exodus 23:1.” In “Exodus 23:1” the G.O.O.D. Music artist raps, “Contract all f****ed up, I guess that means you all f****d up” he then continues to say, “You signed to one n***a, that signed to another n***a, that’s signed to three n****s now that’s bad luck.” Even though there were no names, the lines have been picked up by some as a diss toward YMCMB, Cash Money, and Drake. After the release of the song, Lil Wayne tweeted “Fuk Pusha T and anybody that love em.”

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In “Ghoulish” Wayne raps, “…His head up his a** so I’ma have to head butt him. N****s can’t see me. Not even a glimpse. Too many banana clips, I feel like chimps.” “Ghoulish” is not the scorching diss that people would expect, but Wayne does say Pusha-T’s name during the intro when he echoes his tweet.

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Drake also took time out to respond to Pusha during his tour stop in Washington, D.C. In D.C. on Friday, Drake told to crowd, “If you was doin 16s when I was 16 and your s***t still flopped and you switched teams don’t talk to my my n***a.” Although it is understandable for Drake to come back at Pusha-T we can not forget that he was the teenager who was buying Pusha-T memorabilia off of Ebay (as said in his ‘When I Was 17 interview).  [Fast Forward to 3:03 to see Drake talk about Pusha-T]

It will be interesting to see where this goes as Pusha-T is one of the best lyricists in the game and Lil Wayne and Drake are what’s hot right now.

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