Warren G Said To Enhance Your Life With ‘Sexual Enhanced Pills’

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West Coast rapper Warren G has been hiding out for a minute, but now he’s back representing “sexual enhancement pills” for a company called AffirmXL. The company claims to be an “evolutionary supplement and clinically proven number one formula which actively helps in increasing the libido and sexual performance of the people.”

Recently, Warren G was filmed for the infomercial which he had little to no idea the footage would be considered for anything further. The West Coast rapper is said to have skipped out on signing the contract; he should have no problem winning his case in a courtroom assuming it goes that far. Currently, there is an ad in the market stating, “I tried to tell you to take your AffirmXL, but you didn’t want to listen. As you can see, I take my AffirmXL, and now I got to regulate.”

Currenly his affiliate lawyer is looking into the situation.

Source: NY Press


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