Virginia is for.. Butt Slashers??

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ButtsWatch Your Butts!!

Ladies watch your butts because a man in Virginia is allegedly slashing women’s behinds as they shop. These incidents have been reported since February and a video of the attacker has just been released. Read more below:

The man has been described as being Hispanic, around 5’6 and in his 20’s or 30’s. First he distracts his victim, and then cuts their behind with his weapon. The women never see it coming. The weapon is unknown but could be a small pocket knife or a box cutter.

According to Fox News, three new victims just came forward on Wednesday August 10th. The first two attacks happened in February at Virginia’s Fair Oaks Mall and the third happened at an H&M outlet in Tysons Corner Center. The latest attack was at a Forever 21 in Fair Oaks Mall. A victim was shopping and became distracted by clothes falling off the racks when she suddenly felt a “sharp pain” on her behind. She thought she had been poked by a hanger, but later realized she was bleeding and her shorts were slashed. The cut was about an inch and a half long.

 A total of nine victims have been reported, and all are in their teens and twenties. They seem to have been selected at random, and the man’s motive is unknown. A warning to women shopping alone: if you feel a sharp stab on your backside, don’t ignore it. Turn around swinging or a least turn quick enough to catch this man in action! Hopefully the attacker won’t become more aggressive and seriously hurt someone.

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