Watch Your Words! Complex Writer Gets Taken Down By Lupe Fiasco & Talib Kweli

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Talib Kweli (Right), Lupe Fiasco (Middle), Malice of The Clipse (Left)

Talib Kweli (Right), Lupe Fiasco (Middle), Malice of The Clipse (Left)

Drake and Future’s What A Time To Be Alive hype has died down and somewhat and fans are beginning to bring in a consensus feeling about the collaborative project. While there are a lot of people defending it, namely one writer at Complex. Angel Diaz wrote an article telling fans to ‘stop hating’ and to emphasize his message, he name dropped Lupe Fiasco and Talib Kweli…ended up being a mistake.

Diaz wrote:

What exactly is that “real” sh*t then? Turn up music isn’t “real” hip-hop? How so? Was the genre not invented at a goddamn party? Isn’t music about having a good time? I’m dead tired of you cats, man. You make my head hurt. Can’t be listening to Talib Kweli rap off beat and Lupe Fiasco deep cuts at BBQs. I, too, was once like you, but come on, don’t nobody wanna hear that sh*t all the f*cking time.

The Chicago MC got wind of the piece and let Diaz have some words on Twitter.

Lupe would continue to tweet Diaz while calling him a b*tch as well. It was just a back and forth between the two until Talib got involved in the conversation.


This is a discussion that always happens in hip hop. Rappers such as Lupe and Talib are labeled as provocative and too deep therefore their music has a time and place but is considered what ‘real’ hip hop is. It is all about preference at the end of the day, just because someone is not feeling What A Time To Be Alive does not make them a hater. On the other side of the coin, not liking the more lyrical and technical rappers does not exclude you from being apart of the culture. It is a dividing technique that hurts the music and is partly why their is no balance to the content we now see in mainstream.

If you love hip hop, then you love hip hop, there is no one person you have to be against or for, as long as you respect and honor the culture.

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