We Need Answers: Funk Flex Plays Drake’s Alleged Ghostwriter’s Reference Track

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Ever since Meek Mill called Drake out on Twitter for not writing his rhymes, everyone has been trying to figure out if it was true. Being accused of having a ghostwriter is just about the number one sin in hip hop. While there are rappers of notoriety that have had their stuff written, see Dr. Dre and Diddy, they are not looked as purely a rapper. Drake is and is at the top of the game so if his writing is put into question than that means something.

Well Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex had received a track from the OVO camp that featured Quentin Miller rapping ’10 Bands’. The song was a standout record off Drake’s latest release If You’re Reading This its Too Late . Flex had posted the following on Instagram in response to the Drake rumors:

We gonna get to the bottom of this…. Incase we forgot… Big, Jay, Nas, Kendrick, J.cole handle the pen… If your mentioned in that list you know what that means!!! Yall other radio TV and bloggers watch this close… If he writes himself then he deserves an apology… If he doesn’t write then he’s a f*cking FRAUD!!! That means them emotions ain’t his…. That means what u claiming is story book…And if this industry is ok with that I understand stand… But where I f*cking come from that’s means you a great record maker but NOT a great lyricist!!!!! Theres a f*cking difference if you claiming king!!! Dr Dre never wrote but we love him the same… But there’s a place for that type of rapper!!! You don’t get mentioned with the greatest!!!! So for people who say it doesn’t matter your wrong !!!! To a lyricist it’s everything.

Quentin Miller hails from Atlanta, Georgia and actually appears on the credits of four other songs from the album, ‘Know Yourself’, ‘No Tellin’, ‘Used To’, and ‘6 Man’. He also appears credited on ‘R.I.C.O.’ which is the song Meek Mill found out he Drake allegedly did not write and prompted the Twitter rant.

It is one thing to be a collaborator but ghostwriting automatically disqualifies you as the G.O.A.T. At the same time, no one should act like Drake is no longer going to be popular. Drake is going to continue to have hit music but the hip hop community is going to always question his lyrics. This might lead to people finally reading the credits on the back of CD’s now.

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