Well Damn!! Rihanna Fire Shots at Celebrity Blogger Sandra Rose!

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According to news reports, R & B star Rihanna has had a change of heart regarding Chris Brown having a high impact restraining order against him. She has directed her attorney to make a formal request to the judge to have the restraining order against Chris Brown modified so that the two could have civil contact with each other. This however didn’t bode to well with Celebrity Sandra Rose and she made it a point to let S & M star know just how she felt. Sandra posted the following to her site:

“It saddens and pains me to say that after all these years of supporting Rihanna unconditionally, the love affair is over. Henceforth, I will never again mention the name Rihanna on this blog.

When all other bloggers dissed Rihanna and called her “pon de forehead”, among other insults, I still stood behind that bitch. I posted her music whether it was horrible or not. I supported her even when her singing was so off-key, that all the dogs in the neighborhood started howling right along with her. And this is how she repays me?

I can’t go on…”

Sandra’s comment was prompted after Rihanna went to her twitter page and posted the following:


I feel Sandra’s point especially since she was riding “hard body” for Rihanna. However, I knew that there had to be more to what really went down with Chris Brown and Rihanna. She is probably just feeling guilty how she never took any responsibility for her role in what really went down. Chris Brown has always said that he would never out her like that and I guess this is how she is showing her gratitude. Don’t be surprised if those too don’t announce they will be getting married within the next year or two.

I doubt very seriously that Sandra Rose will be the only one to make an exodus from Rihanna’s fan base. This move on Rihanna’s part sends a powerful message to women of domestic violence as well as men who have been accused of commiting such acts. 

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