How Ironic!! Wendy Williams Breaks Down While Remembering Whitney Houston (talks about her crack usage)

| February 14, 2012 | 2 Comments
On Monday, Wendy Williams covered the death of R&B superstar, Whitney Houston and reminisces on the one time she met her in 1985. The most heart wrenching part of the clip is when Wendy Williams breaks down stating “we were both plagued with the demon of substance abuse. It’s been almost 15 years since I smoked last from a crack pipe. It’s been almost 15 years since I waited out on Jerome Ave in the Bronx for my drugs.”

Wendy continues on stating that she always imagined that the next time she would meet Whitney Houston would be in the superstar’s late 50’s/60’s and that she would be a spokesperson for sobriety. Check out the entire video below.

Maybe I am reading too much into this but if you recall the infamous phone in Whitney Houston made to Wendy Williams radio show show in NYC back in 2003. It was clear that Whitney was not fond of Wendy at all and she was very adamant on controlling the manner in which the interview went. Wendy’s line of questioning came across as being condescending and mean spirited and Whitney made it clear she was not tolerating one minute of it. Check out the interview below.

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  1. Kevin Hunter says:

    WOOWWWWW…..I don’t know…Wendy was crying on her show cuz she felt fucking GUILTY of all the SHIT she talked about Whitney during the years. That’s all! nothing else. You should be shamed Wendy!

  2. red26cool says:

    I don’t no what the f*ck she crying 4 with her low down man looking a** and she wonder y she come on when we r going 2 bed I’m glad whitney tlk funky 2 her on her radio show just like she tired 2 do T.I that’s y u never judge ppl cuz u never no when or if it mite take another tole on your life I and she wonder y sum ppl don’t come on her show she is a dude in real life y’all she got her sex chg over seas that y she wear wigs lmfao

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