What A Night: @BarackObama Gets His Swagger Back With Last Nights Debate

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What a night: Barack Obama gets his swagger back

By Mehka

Maybe it was the set-up of the event. The Town hall style of the debate might’ve fit Barack more than the last debate. Maybe it was moderator Candy Crowley. She was way better looking that Jim Jehrer. Whatever happened last night, it gave us the chance to see the Barack Obama that we expected to see at the first debate. The first debate we saw a lackluster moment for the POTUS, one in which he was thoroughly handled by Mitt Romney. Last night was a total change for the President. He was precise with his attacks, he was challenging and aggressive and most importantly, he was in control.

For 90 minutes last night, President Barack Obama went toe to toe with Mitt Romney, who was coming off a stellar first debate. His defeat of Barack in the first debate gave him a huge bump in the polls when it came to undecided voters. Mitt came in the early favorite to win the debate.

Each came out the gates swinging. Barack took no time when it came to going at Romney on everything from his 5 point plan for rebuilding the economy to his stance on women’s rights.

Barack took control of the debate early on in the contest pinning Romney into a corner with his own words. When asked about whether or not America can develop its own natural resources so that we’re not so dependent on foreign countries, Mitt commented that under Barack Obama no new pipelines have been created to take advantage of some of the natural resources that we have here domestically. Barack would turn that around on Mitt calling him “Mr. Coal” and explaining to him that “we’ve built enough pipes to go around the world 3 times.”

President Obama was also took the chance to hit Mitt with a few sly remarks. At one point, when challenging Mitt on his support of companies that sent workers and work to China for cheaper labor, Mitt asked the President “What does your portfolio look like?” Barack responded by saying “I’ don’t know. Mine isn’t as big as yours so I don’t look at it every day.” That comment drew laughs from the crowd.

Overall, the debate was more entertaining and enjoyable than the last one. I believe that was because of the format. The open style of the town hall meeting allowed both candidates to roam free around the stage, interacting with the crowd and making sure to have some good face time with the cameras. It also gave a us a few “uh-oh” moments as the fiery candidates made eye contact with each other, and came close several times during the debate to each others personal space on stage. Thrown in Candy Crowley who was not the subdued personality that Lehrer was and you had what I would say was “must see TV” last night.

The next debate is this Monday on will focus on Foreign Policy. Let’s hope that the President can continue this moment through  the next debate and onto election day.

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