What the Heck? T.I. and Tiny “Break Up” Story A Hoax?

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Amid  the rumors that power couple TI and Tiny have separated was put to bed as the two have officially released a public statement that their marriage  is not over.

TMZ is reporting that the two was on a brief break from their marriage because the two were at odds about who would be walking the red carpet at the Grammys. Oh really? This smells like a publicity stunt to us and if so, we are very surprised that they would go to this level of entertainment to manufactur such a story.

Here’s what they are reporting:

T.I. tells us yeah, there was a big argument, but it was over something pretty stupid.  Tiny wanted to walk the Grammy red carpet and watch the show but T.I. wanted none of it.  He says they angrily challenged each other on who would end up having more fun that night.

T.I. says the next morning … they mended fences.

While the story of their breakup spread like wildfire on major news outlets, the couple waited for a couple of days to set the record straight which meant that there was something calculated going on behind the scenes. Because celebrity blogger Sandrarose.com broke the story, we believed the story to be true as she has been on point about everything coming out of rapper TI’s camp for many years. It appears that she may have been duped as well because she received confirmation from the rapper’s label stating that the story was in fact true.

Reportedly, the couple split on Saturday shortly after arriving in Los Angeles to attend the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.


The couple in happier times

Upset and distraught about the break up, T.I. even canceled his appearance on Sunday nights live broadcast of The GRAMMYs where he was actually nominated for 3 awards. We are unsure on what caused the split but there have been rumors that T.I. had recently violated Tiny’s trust by sleeping with one of her female friends. Not Surprising, since cheating in the industry seems to be going around.

There have also been rumors of tension being caused by T.I. refusing to support Tiny’s new business venture, a line of tequila, Tip supposedly feels that this may send the wrong message to their younger fans. Whatever the reason, its sad to see one of our favorite couples come to an end. T.I. and Tiny have separated in the past but have resolved their issues for the sake of their beautiful family. Guess we will have to wait and see if their is hope in the future for this very adored power couple.

Sources: sandrarose.com

Editor’s note:

I’ve personally had the opportunity to speak with both TI while he was on house arrest during his infamous gun case and one thing I remembered most by talking with him is the love he has for his family. In addition, I also recalled talking to Tiny outside of the courthouse and when I looked in her eyes, I could tell the love for him was genuine. Whatever the circumstances, I pray they find a common ground and perhaps try to work it out. There are more people out there that would enjoy to see this couple part ways all for the wrong reasons. I have seen first hand how the entertainment industry can break up a happy home..don’t be a victim to it Mr. and Mrs. Harris.

We are cheering for you two to keep it work it out!

Best wishes,
Dennis Byron, Editor-in-Chief

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