What’s Beef? Chris Brown Removes Meek Mill From Album Over Rhianna & Drake Chimes In!

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Apparently Chris Brown is still thinking about Rhianna’s cakes because he is beefing with Meek Mill and Drake! Rumor had it that Chris Brown dropped Meek Mill’s verse off of his ‘Don’t Judge Me’ track because of his alleged relationship with Rhianna! The MMG rapper continuously denied the rumors even confirming he has a girlfriend. Well evidently Chris Breezy isn’t buying it and decided to remove the Philly rapper from his ‘Don’t Judge Me Track’.  Scheduled for release July 3rd, Brown revealed redesigned cover art and track-list from his upcoming album, ‘Fortune’ today.  While his new record features appearances by Nas, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean and Sevyn there is no Meek Mill. Clearly throwing shade at the R&B singer the Mill tweeted weekend (then deleted of course):

Chris Brown could not resist the temptation and responded with:
Then Meek Mill follows with:

Even Drake chimes in to back up Meek Mill, throwing a little shade at Rhianna (or so it seemed):

Chris Brown then responds but later deletes:
The bad gal herself even throws in a few witty subliminal tweets:

Based on what went down over the Memorial Day Weekend, Drizzy might be the one winning Rihanna’s heart right now. Check out candid photo of the two holding hands looking oh so cozy together.

We heard of getting emotional but come on! Should Chris Brown have taken Meek Mill off his album? Peep the track list below:

1. Turn Up The Music
2. Bassline
3. Till I Die (Ft. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa)
4. Mirage – (Ft. Nas)
5. Don’t Judge Me
6. 2012
7. Biggest Fan
8. Sweet Love
9. Strip (Ft. Kevin Mccall)
10. Stuck On Stupid
11. 4 Years Old
12. Cadillac (Ft. Sevyn)
13. Don’t Wake Me Up
14. Trumpet Lights (Ft. Sabrina Antoinette)

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