What’s your favorite track from Cardi B’s mixtape Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1

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We seen it coming back in December when she addressed all the females with “Cheap Ass Weave.” The former stripper turned Love & Hip Hop star took it there to release a 17-track mixtape titled Gansta Bitch Music Vol. 1. Surprisingly, the tape is getting a good reaction from fans with the star sipping booze while getting brain on her mixtape cover.


If you make it past her chipmunk sound and aggressive lyrics, Cardi embraces her renowned hoeism. She speaks on why she goes hard for her coins, encourages everyone to be themselves whether thats being a hoe or a teacher, and of course she doesn’t fail to addresses her haters (which quite frankly seems to be baby mommas.)

“And for those who wanna know, I’m not your average hoe/ I be on my bullshit, but yeah I got standards though./ Yeah I fucked a couple niggas/ pull a lot of tricks/ bust a couple splits/sucked a couple dicks.”

A couple features on the tape include Haitian V, Lisa Evers, and Josh Xantus. Production credits for the recording go to Swift on Demand, James SwanQo, Sean Allen, Josh Xantus, Shaft and BMC Beats. You can start off by listening to a clip of her breakfast club interview on the project’s intro and if you make it all the way through she also features another portion of the interview on the outro.

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