What’s Wrong With This Picture? Did The World Over-React to President Obama’s Selfie?

| December 12, 2013 | 1 Comment

APTOPIX South Africa Mandela Memorial

Yesterday pictures were taken at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service of President Obama and what seems to be a not so pleased First Lady Michelle. It seems as though President Obama was sharing a fun-filled moment taking selfies with Denmark’s Prime Minister Helle Thorning just before Michelle gave the two the eye. And we all know what eye that is. Eventually, it appear as though the First Lady had had enough and made the President switch seats so that she was in the middle of him and Helle. Later, the President was captured kissing Michelle on the hand. Talk about flirting with danger.   Social media and headlining  news quickly lit up as the photos came out to the public. Even with the photographer trying to clear the air by saying “Photos can lie. her stern look was caught by chance”. The media still went into a frenzy about how the pictures seemed. Its very possible that the media over-reacted to the President taking a harmless selfie where everyone was enjoying themselves. But was Michelle face a face of jealousy? Did the First Lady make the President switch seats because his flirting had gone too far? We’ll just let you be the judge, check out all the pictures from the service below.



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