When Chickens Come Home to Roost–The Alicia Keys Edition

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Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz Attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Event Together Following Reports of Swizz’ Infidelity

The chickens have come home to roost.  Literally.  And they’re laying eggs all over Alicia Keys’ household. Unconfirmed reports have been all but confirmed.  In a letter submitted exclusively to Bossip.com, Christina Elizabeth–the aspiring singer/songwriter from Houston, Texas, whose “lost” telephone resulted in·the leak of “sexting” conversations between her and Keys’·super-producer husband, Swizz Beatz–describes, in detail, the relationship between her and Swizz.

Christina Elizabeth

According to the easy-on-the-eyes Houston native, the relationship  began after Swizz was still married to former wife, Mashonda Tifrere, and became sexual after the typical industry courtship. 

“He invited me out to Miami with him and I gladly accepted. I met him in Dallas and we flew to Miami together. My last minute ticket placed me in coach and his ticket placed him in first class, but he switched his first class seat with the guy sitting next to me so he could sit next to me. In Miami, we stayed at his friend’s beautiful home. This is where we became sexually active and this is where I found out he was married. He snuck me through the house and it was all odd to me until I found a gift with Mashonda & Kasseem’s name on it. I asked him later on why he was cheating on her and he basically said she wasn’t being the wife he needed. He also said that if she asked if he was cheating, he would not lie to her, but he wouldn’t come right out and tell her.”

Although Christina Elizabeth that she and Swizz have not had a sexual relationship since he and Keys got married last year, she says that he was definitely interested in rekindling things.

“Recently, we’ve been contacting each other (as you’ve all seen), but I haven’t physically seen him. We were making plans to, but I had to work and I wasn’t going to take off work to go see him. I live on my own, I have responsibilities and I strongly believe that if you are not contributing to those responsibilities, there is no reason for me to neglect them to entertain you.

Since the release of these reports, Keys has been photographed out with Swizz, seemingly unphased by this potentially marriage-ending sequence of events.  And yesterday, the monogamy-challenged producer posted a photograph on twitter, of a new car that he purchased for Keys as a gift on his birthday.

*Raises eyebrows*

Unsurprisingly, Keys has received little sympathy for her husbands’ unscrupulous behavior–despite the fact that they have been married for only a year, and have a very young child.  This is because Keys is notoriously rumored to have been involved in an extramarital affair with Swizz while he was still married to ex-wife Mashonda–a move which stunned fans of the formerly women-empowering Keys.  In fact, many fans and music industry insiders alike, are saying that Keys is getting exactly what she deserved. There words, not ours.

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