When keeping it Real Makes Good Sense for hip hop and the Black Community…Rapper Saigon Speaks Out

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A few days ago, I was riding around the city of Dallas listening to a XM Sirius hip hop station and this song came blaring on my car speakers. The beat automatically grabbed me and then the rapper just went into spitting a bunch of positive messages that grabbed my attention. I remembered earlier that my colleague told me he had just finished interviewing a rapper by the same name so it instantly rang a bell that this was none other than Harlem rapper Saigon. He talks about how getting a felony record can destroy someone’s life and how rappers are lying in their music.  Check out the interview and if he has struck a chord in your heart on his words then please help keep hip hop alive and take a stand in your music that will benefit not only you but the people you are targeting.

There are many rappers that feel the need to over embellish in their lyrics what their lifestyle is and what are the harsh realities of selling drugs and carrying weapons can do to one’s life. We commend rapper Saigon for keeping it real to hip hop and the black community for not holding back in his disdain for the falsehoods being told to the youths considering a career in hip hop. He recently sat down with veteran hip hop journalist Rahiem Shabazz to discuss and enlighten the hip hop community about “The Greatest Story Never Told” which is also the title of his recent musical project.



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