When Your Mouth Writes A Check Your A** Can’t Cash! @RyanLeslie Forced to Pay $1 Million Reward

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It’s not the best day ever for R&B songwriter/producer Ryan Leslie, whose face appeared on the cover of the NY Post today, along with the caption “Rap Weasel must pay $1M for lost laptop”. Leslie who lost his laptop full of beats, songs, etc. in November of 2010 offered a $1 million reward to anyone that found and return the hardware.

Armin Augestein was that person, but sued Ryan Leslie after he never received the $1 mil. Yesterday jurors ruled against Leslie, and he now has to pay the full amount to Augestein.

“No one forced him to make an offer of so much money for a finder’s fee… It seems like he believes that that which he promised, he doesn’t have to live up to” said Augestein. But Ryan claims that he wasn’t comfortable paying the money he promised, because he feels Augestein had something to do with his laptop going missing in the first place.

“The reasons I defended myself in the case are the same reasons I believe Mr. Augstein is not entitled to the reward” said Leslie. Hopefully Leslie can get to the bottom of this, but in the meantime it looks like he’ll be dishing out some of that “rap weasel” guap.

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