Where My Niggas At? Clearly Not in Jay Z’s #Tidal Office

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“Now please, domino, domino , only spot a few blacks the higher I go”. Lyrics from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s ‘Murder to Excellence’ off Watch the Throne. Well damn Jay how can you make that statement when you hire an all white staff? This photo of Jay’s Tidal office has sparked a lot of debate as at Hov’s B Side concert a few weeks ago where he freestyles about blacks supporting each other  in business. Well looking at your hiring practices Mr. Carter, you got some explaining to do.

Some of the tweets coming at the Tidal owner are via TMZ:

– “Jay tried to guilt trip us … but his staff are all white”
– “Jay does a ‘Pro-Black’ freestyle but then releases a picture of #Tidal’s all White staff.”
– “Those who complain of no blacks in white owned institutions. Well here u go Jay Z OWNS TIDAL. U going to protest?”
-“Jay ain’t hiring u niggas”

Now Tidal HQ is located in Norway and the black population there is very low, but Jay could relocate to the US and hire some more black staffers. If he can move the New Jersey Nets to Brooklyn with a 1 percent ownership stock, he can move Tidal to Brooklyn and overhaul the staff if need be. While we cannot tell the man who to hire but do not come to us when Tidal numbers continue to fail to impress.

[Tweet “Do you think that there may have been an oversight in the hiring process for Tidal to Include Blacks?”]

Hey Jigga my nigga, a first order of business for the revamping of your Tidal brand should be to hire a Diversity professional to bring a little more color to your mosaic of tech experts.

By the way, the only black people in the picture above are Jay and Beyonce’ so do not strain your eyes trying to find anymore.

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