White Privilege or Nah? Gang Members Kill 9 and Over 100 Weapons Confiscated But No National Guard

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Thugs open fire at a Twin Peaks restaurant and kill 9 people. Over 100 illegal weapons were found and over 165 people were arrested. If only they did not have absentee fathers and cared about receiving education. They have to stop the white on white violence, they are killing each other and tearing down their communities!- Said no news reporter ever.

The clear disturbing coverage of the Waco, Texas shooting versus the Baltimore and Ferguson coverage is truly amazing. Micheal Brown and Freddie Gray were killed and the national guard was sent to try to control protesters. Because breaking curfew is worst than six officers breaking a man’s back. While there has also been no report of the criminal records of those that were tragically killed in Waco.

Why was there more fear for the Crips, Bloods and BGF uniting for a good cause and a purpose against a gang of five bikers that just shot up a restaurant? Brown and Gray individually were bigger threats to an officers safety than the bikers were? They are allowed to be on their phones even.

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Yes the incidents are different, but the way they are handled are not correctly reflective. Do not say Mike Brown and Freddie Gray were thugs because they ran away from a cop. On the same hand look at Waco, Texas and call it an isolated incident however cops fear biker gangs may retaliate.With these many deaths, why not call in The National Guard to deal with these thugs? They clearly fit the profile of a true thug. No conversation trying to connect gun culture to hard rock or country music by national media yet.

The situations are different understandably, but looking at how calmly the officers seem to be around what is a vastly white group of gangs is odd. We should not live in hypothetical worlds but if their skin was a few shades darker, this is not the same story. The police department did their job but why is that job harder to do with a person of color? In an event where nine were murdered, 18 injured, over 100 weapons confiscated, why the heck is no one on the ground in handcuffs?

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