New Artist Alert: Who is Lola Davis?

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lola davis

Lola Davis

The Artist

Good music cannot be denied. It can show up at any time and take over your world. Good music affects people of all ages and doesn’t discriminate. Brooklyn-bred 17-year-old singer/songwriter Lola Davis is prepared to present the world with her unique style of urban pop tunes suitable for the masses. Her tentatively-titled debut album I Am Lola Davis, largely produced by Da Gutta Fam Co-CEO TL Cross, includes the foreshadowing lead single “Takin’ Over The World.”

“I’m so excited about this song. I had to do a show for a kid’s fitness expo and I really wanted to be a part of that. I needed a message. ‘Takin’ Over The World’ sends out a message. When you hear the words, I’m clearly talking about me and a guy. But when you get to the hook, I’m talking to everybody. You can take over the world too.”

As a self-described “industry baby,” Lola Davis has always dreamed of following in the footsteps of multi-talented entertainers like Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Tina Turner and Mary J. Blige. It was her mother who taught Lola at an early age all she needs to know about the music industry. Her mom sang and performed nationally in a number of girl groups throughout Lola’s childhood. With music all around her, Lola also attended a performing arts high school where she studied dance. Lola recalls one of her most memorable accomplishments. “It was my first dance competition – modern, jazz, ballet. It was my first win and my first competition. It was with a group of girls from Sharon’s Dance Theatre (in Brooklyn NYC) and we never lost. We were the only African-American dance team.” Later on at the age of 14, Lola choreographed dance routines for Def Jam recording artist Unique on the 2007 Up Close and Personal tour starring Chris Brown and Bow Wow.

Chasing dreams is not an option for Lola Davis who believes that she must instead outrun them. Nothing is off limits for this fun-loving teen whether it’s singing, songwriting, dancing, acting or giving back to the community. Lola’s super-silly persona does not mask her willingness to help others through her experiences. She admired the incomparable Michael Jackson for this reason among others. In the near future, the world will also admire Lola Davis for some of the exact same reasons.

The Girl

What girl doesn’t like the color pink? 17-year-old singing/songwriting sensation Lola Davis does and takes it a step further by saying that she can go without it, but doesn’t remember ever doing so. “An outfit is just not complete without having something pink!” This is what fairy tales are made of.

Once upon a time, Lola had a dream to sing and dance even though she was barely old enough to speak. Her mom told her to stay focused in school and maybe one day her dream would come true. Lola remained patient. She got straight A’s, sang along to Mary J. Blige’s What’s the 411? regularly and watched The Temptations movie time and time again. Dance classes and rehearsals came and went. The older she got, the bigger her dream became at which point no mother can ignore the inevitable truth. Lola Davis was born for stardom. Family and friends took notice. Lola’s family began to support the dream while she, in turn, lost many of her friends at school.

“I’ve never been the loud type. The only time you ever see me ‘rahhh!’ is onstage. That was an issue in high school. I was touring and things like that. Once everyone found out, it was ‘oh she thinks she’s too good.’” Lola’s determination didn’t waiver, which proved to her mom that she was ready for the sometimes-brutal world of the music industry.

At 17 years of age, Lola dreams like never before. She graduated early from high school to pursue this next chapter in her life. The goal is to continue outrunning her dreams and have fun whether that means spending a day in the studio or a full afternoon at Dave & Buster’s. “I love family activities where you can combine your family and your friends. You have to go all the way in the back to get your food. I love food! Then they have the bowling section. I’m bad at a lot of the games I play, but it’s just fun to make fun of yourself.” This is truly what fairy tales are made of.

The Future

“Don’t chase your dreams, outrun them.” Lola Davis first read these written words in a birthday card given to her by a cousin. An avid seeker of quotes to live by, Lola instantly bonded with the phrase as it wholeheartedly defined her journey and mission in life. She’s dreaming big even after already accomplishing one major goal of dancing on a major U.S. tour (2007’s Up Close and Personal tour starring Chris Brown and Bow Wow). The future presents bigger and better opportunities for Lola. She understands the power of dreaming big and accepts all responsibilities. “You have to have a duty. What are you going to do with your power? It starts in your community. You’re now the voice of the people. What do you want to say to the world? What does everyone want you to say to the world? I’m definitely going to look into humanitarian work.” Lola Davis is beyond prepared to take over the world one song at a time.

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