Who’s Protecting The President – White House Party Crashed By Socialite Frauds

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One can only wonder what type of security is President Obama really obtaining from the Secret Service since it was recently reported via CNN that two individuals made their way through White House security checkpoints and actually one of them made physical contact with the President of the United States.


Tareq and Michelle Salahi smooth talked their way past Secret Service agents to enter into the 1st State dinner of President Obama’s administration. While the entire invited guests must be pre-screened before getting an invitation to the event, this couple somehow found another way of circumventing Obama’s security; and this proves that President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who promised during his confirmation to bring “tough-minded” and “pragmatic” approach to the White House should began the process of revamping the President’s security team.

Some have questioned whether these two should be punished for their deception and I have to laugh at those who pose that question. If it were any other sitting president that would not even be a second thought. These people basically lied to get into the White House and they even had the audacity to shake the President Obama’s hand.

While some say they didn’t pose an immediate threat to him, I have to beg to differ. Sure they went through the magnetometer prior to getting through security but as a trained martial artist like myself, I know full well how vulnerable the President was having these uninvited guests that close to him. John Lennon was killed by crazed gunman Mark David Chapman outside of the Dekota Apartments in New York City by someone who appeared to be normal. Chapman stated that he used the ruse of wanting John Lennon to sign his album which he did. That was not for Chapman, so he waited until Yoko Ono and John returned back to their residence and he approach John again and this time he removed a gun from his coat pocket and shot him. My point is that because John felt a little comfortable with this individual the second time he was able to assassinate him. This was not the first time Tareq and Michelle Salahi met the President, they posted pictures on their Facebook page posing with then Senator Obama during his campaign. If not for a reporter realizing these two were out of place, they might have gotten away with it.


 This clearly not a good sign for the first African American President to have these degree of a lax in security seeing that he has received more death threats then any President of the 21st century. Secret Service officials are admitting that they are at fault because proper protocol was not followed “”The preliminary findings of our internal investigation have determined established protocols were not followed at an initial checkpoint, verifying that two individuals were on the guest list.” At minimum the Salahi’s will get the “BS of the Year Award” for lying their way into the White House.


Here’s what others on twitter had to say:

bloominglater: Imagine if the White House party crashers had been terrorists. What kind of effed up operation is the Secret Service running?

12 hours ago from Tweetie

bloominglater: RT @dustinfaber: if those White House party crashers had been any race but lily white, media would b screaming 4 their heads 2 b chopped off

12 hours ago from Tweetie

plainandlittle: Can we not give the stupid White House party crashers anymore attention? Cause that’s exactly what they wanted.


These people are grifters, or at least big phionies and society wannabes. She says she was a cheerleader for the Redskins, but they have no record of her. She says she was a Victoria’s Secret model, but they say no she wasn’t. Their home is in foreclosure. Their cars have been repossessed. His trust fund is empty and they have been defendents or plaintiffs in 16 lawsuits.

In addition to possible felony charges, their even worst punishment is that they’ve been exposed for what they are and nobody in their social world will want anything to do with them. They’ve gone from A list to F list. I’ll bet she’ll never even get an appointment with that hair salon again. And Bravo won’t touch them now. So much for The Real Housewives of DC.


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