Will Lil Wayne’s Manager Cortez Bryant be the Cause of Him Going back to Prison?

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Prominent industry executive and manager to one of the biggest rap stars in the world may have to find someone else to oversee the day to day operations of Young Money star Lil Wayne based on the condition of the rapper’s probation from two different jurisdictions.

All this has come to light after the recent arrest of Cortez Bryant who is the manager to Lil Wayne as well as several other stars that are on the Young Money label. The problem is that Bryant himself was already on felony probation for a previous arrest stemming from a DUI case last year according to court records.

Typically, a prosecutor makes a recommendation to a court that as a condition of someone’s release that they not associate with known felons. In certain circumstances a probation officer will waive those requirements if it is necessary for employment. Seeing that when Lil Wayne was arrested for gun charges in New York City several years ago and his manager initially took responsibility for the weapon he would be the least likely person to receive a special waiver from a court to be in associated with the rapper.  Bryant’s recent arrest will likely raise some eyebrows with authorities overseeing Lil Wayne’s probation. Shouldn’t a manager exhibit better behavior for their client?

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