Will Wyclef Jean Run for Haiti President?

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The devastation that rocked Haiti back on January 13 that left 300,000 dead and over a million without homes as well as the delayed response in getting help to the country might be a motivation for Wyclef Jean to seek public office.

International star Wyclef Jean is planning a public announcement on August 5th, just two days prior to the country’s August 7th deadline to submit his plan for running for President. There by far could be very good for the people of the Haitian country because of Wyclef’s love for his people and the international influence he has around the world. John was also responsible for raising over 10 million dollars for his country within three months after the earthquake.

Wyclef enjoyed a successful career with the Fugees and then embarked on a solo career which catapulted him to worldwide fame.  

“Wyclef has just returned to the US from Haiti and will meet with key advisers on several continents, as well as spend time with us, before he makes a final decision,” according to a statement Friday morning from The Jean Family.

wyclef_bloomberg_sharptonWyclef, Mayor Mike Bloomberg, Rev. Al Sharpton (wireimage)

“At this time, he remains committed to helping people in his homeland of Haiti and has not made a final decision on whether to seek elected office. He recognizes pending deadlines and is committed to a public announcement next week.”

Wyclef’s uncle, who has served as Haiti’s ambassador to the US since 2005, announced his presidential bid earlier this week in an interview with the Monitor. Ambassador Raymond Joseph told the Monitor today that he has also sent his resignation letter to Haiti President René Préval, effective Aug. 1.

“Some people feel I would not leave my posh ambassador’s place here [in Washington] to go to a pace that is very iffy, very hard,” he said today in a telephone interview. “I want them to know that I am serious.”

Wyclef Mom Not Happy with Her Brother for Running Against His Nephew
Mr. Joseph is the brother of Wyclef’s mother. “His mother had called me the other day to say, ‘I’m sick about what he’s doing,’ ” he says. He adds that, if he runs against his nephew, it will be a question to voters of “popularity verses experience.”

Hopefully the two can sit down together and discuss what the best move for the country is and this doesn’t turn out to a battle like the one we witnessed during the Obama and McCain campaign.

The Grammy-award winning musician’s wild popularity is not in question, says Henry Carey, a political science professor at Georgia State University. “He will be perceived as the next savior. … All he really has to do is have a few rock concerts.”

“Raymond Joseph is nothing compared to him,” he adds. “Raymond Joseph is really no big deal in Haiti.”


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