Woman Says Police Caused Her Miscarriage After Using Excessive Force and Stun Gun

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Elaina Turner says that a white police officer began to use a taser when they came to tow her fiance’ Ulysses Green’s car in 2013. They have filed a civil rights lawsuit against the city of Chicago and the officers Patrick Kelly, Jeffery Weber and James Kubick. According to The Huffington Post, the lawsuit says Turner was wrongly arrested, that their excessive forced caused her miscarriage and the city of Chicago routinely takes part in the ‘concealment and suppression of the existence of police officer misconduct.’

They also report that the officer has a questionable track record and this secret code of silence that exists in the police department does not allow for any repercussions. An argument ensued that day in 2013, as to why the car was being towed. Turner would begin to recorded the incident as evidence and was not allowed to retrieve any of her items from the vehicle. Not being satisfied with that denial to get her personal belongs she approached the car where one of the officers smacked the phone out of her hand and as she went to pick the phone up, he grabbed her by the writs.This is what Turner said transpired.

I pulled my hands back with my hands facing him, both of my hands to him, like, ‘Officer, please don’t touch me, I’m not touching you, and I’m not doing anything, and I’m not going to approach the vehicle…And then I hear him say, ‘tase her. I’m screaming in excruciating pain, and I’m screaming, like, you know, what is going on? Like what am I being tased for, and I’m not even doing anything,” Turner continued. My kids on the porch, they’re screaming, everybody outside, they’re looking like, what are you tasing her for, like, that’s a pregnant lady.’”


She claims she was tased three times with one being striking her stomach. The lawsuit also says that Turner was arrested for obstructing or resisting and was taken to the hospital and spent a night in jail. It was just a week later when she found out about her miscarriage. Her fiance’ was arrested twelve days later for aggravated assault on an officer.

She no longer has the video of the incident and the Chicago Police Department has not been able to comment on the case because it has not been served to them yet. These stories are hard to digest, but serve as constant reminders that the system is broken. Police brutality is not limited to any one region of the country and it is really sickening how a pregnant woman could be treated that way.

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