Wow!! Beyonce’s Cousin Allegedly Reveals That Pregnancy Really Is a Fake?!?

| November 11, 2011 | 5 Comments

Hip Hop Weekly has just released details that prove that Ms. Beyonce may not actually be withchild! Sources revealed to the Hip Hop Weekly publication that allegedly Beyonce’s cousin, Angela Beyince, may have spilled the beans on Beyonce having a surrogate mother or either adopting a child.

We’ve all seen the suspicious pics of Beyonce’s flimsy baby bump, so it looks like the rumors might be true. In another twist, it looks like Matthew Knowles wanted to pass off a recently born baby as Bey and Jay’s. But of course, we can’t tell you what child he had in mind. Let’s just say he’s actually related to Beyonce.  Pick up the latest issue of Hip Hop Weekly on stands now to find out what Beyonce’s cousin had to say and the identity of the mystery baby that Papa Knowles allegedly wanted to pass off as the Hip Hop royal couple’s child.

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  1. jay says:

    maybe it is fake, who knows
    black gossip

  2. Tashawn says:

    If she is faking. That seems desperate and like a publicity stunt. Hell something of the sort can be fabricated with all these infidelity issues about him surfacing. If she is having a surrogate and faking to make the world believe she is preggers. Mafuckers was fakin pregnant in the 90’s SMH

  3. Rober says:

    If she is capable of faking hair, faking song writing, faking song producing, faking size of butt with but pads, fake marriage, why can’t she be faking having a baby too? There is just too much fake drama with her!!!!!! The stomach does not match her face!!!! Right now she is the laughing stock of the music industry. In addition, she is suppose around 7 months walking around NYC still TRYING to hide a FAKE stomach!!! Why hide her “bump”? She was the one that did this GRAND gesture (publicity stunts) at the VMA with her “I got a surprise” on the red carpet and “I want yall to feel the love thats growing inside me” on stage. She went out her way to steal the show(by showing her FAKE bump) and now she’s concealing her “bump” with loose clothing that u wouldnt even know she was preggers if u didnt watch the VMA.

  4. Gigi says:

    You definitely right rober

  5. justme says:

    Its so sad I heard from a close source of the entertainer that Beyonce did hire a surrogate mother from Brazil, Due to the fact that she and Jay-Z have been going to top fertility in los angeles California for the past 3 years and Beyonce is unable to get pregnant, She really wanted to have a baby to complete their marriage. Currently the surrogate has been experiencing labor pains. As most saw her interview with Katie ,she was shocked and not happy when katie touched her midsection.

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