WTF?? Iphone APP Announces Racist Color Description…”N****R BROWN”

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Apple is under A LOT of heat as a creator of an IPhone application recently named a special effect “N****r Brown.” The app called “Picture Effect Magic” is used to manipulate and add effects to photos. There is a free and paid version and is available in the Apple App Store and the lasted update is dated as June 10, 2011.

In the list of possible photo effects this one is called, “54 N****r-brown.” When selected it makes the image a brownish tint

The author of the app, who is listed as “lin xuehua,” issued statement at the top of page. “Feel so sorry to have expression mistake, new version will coming soon (sic).”

The App Store received multiple negative reviews as users noticed the error and quickly pointed it out leaving comments like:

“Wow. There really is an effect called ‘N****R BROWN.’ Speechless…” and “I used this app all the time before the update, now there is an effect called n****r brown?! That is disgusting. That is unacceptable and the creators should be ashamed.”

Hopefully Apple will get this fixed up ASAP!


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