WTF? Mel Gibson Gets His Record Expunged for Punching His Girlfriend But Chris Brown Rots in Jail

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Actor Mel Gibson attends a hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court to finalize financial issues in a custody battle

Once again the law is working in favor of those of a certain group.  According to TMZ, Mel Gibson will have his battery conviction erased from his record.  Gibson was charged in 2010 with battery for punching then girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in the mouth.

Gibson’s lawyers filed legal documents requesting the judge to expunge his no contest plea from his record.  According to reports, Gibson has completed all of the requirements that the judge set forth for him after he took a plea in 2011.

The hearing has been scheduled for later this month.

What is crazy to me about this all is the fact that this man actually confessed to slapping Grigorieva, knocking out several veneers.  It’s like the game of monopoly, but instead of going directly to jail, Gibson just asked to take his turn over.  How is it when Gibson was charged with battery the federal marshals didn’t go pick him up?  Did Gibson even sit in jail a day during this trial?  With Gibson’s recent history of obscene drama along with his racist and sexist rants, I cannot figure out how he gets a pass.  I hope the court system realizes that just because Gibson wrote and directed Passion of the Christ, it does not make him a saint.

The reason I say all of this is because in recent weeks a young man has been thrown to the wolves over the same type of incident.  The two trials seem so different, yet they are pretty much the same.

R&B megastar Chris Brown has seen his more than fair share of troubles in recent years, but nothing has been fair at all about it, to be quite honest.  Chris Brown and Mel Gibson were being prosecuted in the same courtroom and for similar charges both resulting in injuries to their alleged victims. How does Mel Gibson receive a judicial pass and Chris Brown can’t even get a bond?

Chris Brown

It looks like the law is working, but for who?  While Brown sits in a Los Angeles prison awaiting his court date in June, Gibson gets to walk away scot-free.  Brown’s career is placed on hold, missing out on millions of dollars and having to place his highly anticipated album back on the shelf.  While Gibson’s career never missed a beat.

Be sure to check out Mel Gibson later this summer in Expendables 3, and you can catch Chris Brown this summer in a Los Angeles or D.C. courthouse.

Hip Hop Enquirer is asking our readers for their perspective. Is the dissimilarity in these cases fair or nah?

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