WTF??! Soulja Boy Tell’em Asked to Audition to Play Tupac Shakur (Hell Naw)

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Soulja Boy Tell’em

Recently, Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy announced that he would be playing Tupac Shakur’s character Bishop in a remake of the 90s film “Juice.” Now he’s really got the juice! Yesterday (May 11) in an interview on MTV’s “RapFix Live,” Soulja Boy revealed that he was asked to audition to play Tupac himself in the upcoming biopic directed by Antoine Fuqua.

“I got an email from William Morris Agency — that’s my agency that I’m with — they reached out to me to play the part. I’m just still thinking about it right now,” Soulja Boy told explained.  “Even with the whole ‘Juice’ movie, I’m playing a part that Tupac played, but I’m not actually playin’ ‘Pac. When it comes to this, I’m actually gonna be playin’ ‘Pac, so I’m really still just thinkin’ about it. But I’m just honored that they would reach out to me and ask me anyway.”

He is still determining whether or not to audition for the role, but is very excited about the release of his “Juice” remake. The film which complements his Juice mixtape- that dropped April 20th-is set to be ready for viewing in December 2011.

“I shot the movie. It’s done. We did a good job. It’s gonna be crazy,” SB said. “I’m ready for the masses to see it. I got the ‘Juice’ music video coming out for the official soundtrack for all the people to hype ’em up, to get everybody crunk.”

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